Is a cancer insurance policy in your best interest?

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Will this type of coverage provide you with anything more than peace of mind? Cancer insurance is a type of supplemental policy that goes above and beyond what standard health coverage provides, but whether or not it will actually benefit you depends on you unique financial situation and family medical history. A policy is relatively inexpensive, at only $20 to $40 per month and will provide significant coverage. Many of the out of pocket expenses from standard medical policies – such as co-payments and deductibles, as well as co-insurance –…

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Who can benefit from cancer insurance?

As it is a form of supplemental health coverage… many people wonder if they can truly benefit from cancer insurance or if it simply means spending more money at a time when there isn’t a lot of extra to go around. In order to determine whether or not cancer insurance will be beneficial for a given consumer, both mathematics and emotions must be taken into account. Cancer insurance should be considered in the same way as any other form or protection – coverage for a “what if” scenario that could…

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Another health insurance rate hike expected by next year

Mercer has released the results of its annual survey which have indicated that there will be an increase of 5.4 percent to employee health care benefit costs in 2012. Though the forecasted increase in health insurance rates will be the smallest one that has occurred in the last 15 years, it should still be noted that this increase is remarkably higher than salary growth and the inflation rate, the latter of which was at 3.9 percent. The employers who participated in the Mercer survey stated that they have been attempting…

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