Some car models get more speeding tickets than others (these 5 get the most)

Speeding Tickets - Police giving ticket to driver

In 2022, American drivers who prefer certain auto brands are more likely to get pulled over for speed. While everyone has their own unique taste and style, American drivers who get behind the wheel of certain models this year are more likely to get speeding tickets than other auto brands. Honda, Toyota and Ford are the automakers with models most likely associated with fast driving. While each of those automakers is recognized for affordability and quality appealing to a wide-reaching market, they also appear to appeal to drivers at the…

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Insurance industry shows favor for safe vehicles from foreign automakers

auto Insurance industry IIHS Safety Crash Test

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety releases latest edition of its safety report The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has released its latest safety report concerning vehicles the insurance industry deems to be the safest for drivers. How safe these vehicles are can have a major impact on auto insurance costs while also ensuring that consumers are protected against disasters. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has made it more difficult for automakers to win a top safety rating through the introduction of tougher safety criteria. Automakers must comply with stricter…

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Auto insurance claims drop with Honda collision warning system

honda auto insurance

Research has shown that this safety feature is making a difference in reducing filings on policies. The Honda Accord has just received a bit of a pat on the back from the auto insurance industry as new data has been released to show that its forward collision and lane departure warning system is helping to reduce the number of claims that are made in these luxury vehicles. This data has been released with an analysis that was conducted by the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI). The results of the HLDI…

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