Homeowners insurance trends show claims and losses are falling

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A LexisNexis report has found that home carriers are riding a positive wave at the moment. LexisNexis has released a report saying that homeowners insurance trends are good for providers right now. The claims are decreasing while the loss costs have been either falling or remaining flat. This U.S. insight was published in the 2016 LexisNexis Home Trends Report. The homeowners insurance trends report took into account that there was only one major hurricane this year in the United States. Moreover there was a decline of 30 percent from 2010…

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Homeowners insurance is falling short of impressing Millennials

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Renters coverage has also not managed to satisfy the expectations of this important demographic. The Millennial generation, which currently makes up the largest demographic in terms of homebuyers and renters throughout the United States, have a greater likelihood of being critical of the experiences that they’ve had with regards to their renters and homeowners insurance. The 2014 U.S. Household Insurance StudySM from J.D. Power identified a number of generational trends. The renters and study looked into the overall satisfaction levels of consumers with regards to three separate personal coverage product…

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Homeowners insurance premiums in UK continue to fall

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At the same time flooding coverage is maintaining its threat of overwhelming expense. At the beginning of 2012, the premiums for homeowners insurance across the United Kingdom started to fall, and that trend has continued throughout the last three months, says the latest data released by AA. The most recent figures have indicated that the coverage is rapidly becoming cheaper to buy. In fact, the homeowners insurance data released from the period ranging from July through September has shown that the premiums for the coverage fell by almost six percent…

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