Homeowners insurance policy details will likely change due to Sandy

Homeowners flood Insurance

Many people may find that their premiums and their deductibles will rise because of the superstorm. The northeastern states were slammed by superstorm Sandy, generating a tremendous number of homeowners insurance claims, and have led experts in Delaware to predict that this will generate a number of changes to customer policies, including to the premiums they pay and the deductibles they face. The direct impact of the storm was only the first stage in the damage that it caused. Even though the damage faced by residents of Delaware led to…

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Homeowners insurance is greatly misunderstood by many UK policyholders

Homeowners Insurance and Storm Damage

These customers face high risks as the harsh winter weather approaches. Now that the potentially damaging winter weather is getting closer, the risk associated with letting homeowners insurance go unpaid has increased significantly, but this hasn’t stopped many United Kingdom customers from doing so. A recent study has shown that sixty percent of policyholders do not understand their storm coverage. This research was conducted by Onepoll in September 2012 and involved the participation of 2000 U.K. homeowners insurance customers. What was determined was that these policyholders had a large number…

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