Homeowners insurance rates skyrocketing following massive flooding

layoff employment Insurance Industry - Alberta, Canada

The June floods in Alberta are not only causing record level costs, but also spikes in premiums. Now that the flooding in Alberta has been labeled as the most costly natural disaster that Canada has ever faced, it has become clear that this massive expense will be reflected in future homeowners insurance rates. The damage is estimated to have reached $1.7 billion, so far, and claims continue to pour in. Regardless of whether or not they live in a flood zone, many property owners have already seen their homeowners insurance…

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Homeowners insurance customers in Florida receive explanation for cost hikes

Florida Homeowners Insurance

The commissioner in the state has released a statement to property owners to explain the rates. The homeowners insurance head in Florida has released a statement that has said that there is a reason that the cost of coverage has not been falling despite the fact that one of the biggest expenses typically faced by insurers is now an area in which they are saving money. In fact, the commissioner went on to caution that the rates for this coverage may continue to rise. As some homeowners insurance companies have…

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Homeowners insurance rates cause struggle among coastal residents

New bill for Florida could mean higher property premiums

Property owners along the coastlines of the United States are watching their premiums soar. A trend is being observed by homeowners insurance customers who reside along coastlines across the country, which is making it more challenging for them to be able to keep their homes because it is becoming too expensive for many of them to afford the cost of coverage. Within the last couple of decades rates have grown ever skyward for these coastal customers. While many have tightened their belts and have managed to keep up with the…

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