Homeowners insurance companies in Ohio look at ‘high-risk’ dog breeds

homeowners insurance news pit bull dog liability

Owners of pit bulls, among others, say that they have experienced bias when they seek policies. Ohio has had a regulation in place for about three years that has stated that the owners of all breeds of dog must be treated equally, but this has created a certain degree of controversy when it comes to homeowners insurance policies. Some dog owners have said that the breed of their pets have placed a sizeable barrier in their way. Among those challenges, homeowners insurance has been at the top of the list.…

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Homeowners insurance companies haven’t given up on rate hike requests

car insurance rates homeowners

Despite the fact that they have been unsuccessful, so far, insurers in North Carolina are still trying. According to an industry spokesperson in North Carolina, homeowners insurance companies are not yet ready to back down on their goal to increase premiums by an average of 25 percent across the state. A group that represents nearly 100 insurers in the state is taking its case to the Court of Appeals. According to Ray Evans, a spokesperson for the Rate Bureau industry group, which represents almost 100 companies that sell N.C. homeowners…

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Homeowners insurance competition report shows some Florida counties lacking

Florida Homeowners Insurance

Some kinds of residential policies in Monroe and Miami-Dade counties are coming up short in options. A new report has now been issued by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation and has shown that in the counties of Miami-Dade and Monroe, there is a notable lack in competition among homeowners insurance companies for certain kinds of residential policies. This report has brought unwelcome news at a time in which the state is attempting to shrink its last resort coverage. The state has been seeking to reduce the size of Citizens…

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Will proper coverage bring good insurance news if a Grinch strikes?

christmas stress insurance news

While many consumers feel that their homeowners policies will cover them against disasters, others aren’t sure. At this busy time of year, while we plan for parties, buy presents, don our ugly Christmas sweaters, and prepare to serve a tasty feast, becoming an insurance news statistic is typically not one of the issues at the front of most minds. That said, many Christmas gifts are often quite pricy, and it could be worth deciding if additional coverage is necessary. The more the area under the Christmas tree begins to fill…

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Citizens Property Insurance to shed more policyholders

Florida homeowners insurance, Citizens Property

Five more insurers in Florida have now been approved to take on the homeowners policies of the state-backed giant. In recent property insurance news, state regulators have now given their approval to five homeowners insurers based in the state in order to give Citizens the opportunity to unload up to 132,441 more policies. Citizens will start to shift more of its homeowners policies outward to those insurers, beginning in February. This will help Citizens to be able to better pursue its goal of removing as many property insurance policies as…

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Homeowners insurance fraud scheme in California sells fake policies in fire risk areas

homeowners insurance fraud

There has been a vicious rash of bogus coverage sales as property owners desperately seek new protection. According to a recent homeowners insurance news release by the California Department of Insurance, yet another arrest has been made as property owners in areas at a high fire risk have fallen victim to a fake policy scam. The report identified 57 year old Dean Joseph Basler of Ventura as the latest embezzler. It stated that the Ventura County Sheriff had arrested Basler following a homeowners insurance investigation conducted by the Department of…

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Homeowners insurance renewal isn’t guaranteed for those near California wildfires

widlfire homeowners fire Insurance

Some policyholders are finding that their insurers are choosing not to allow coverage to continue. At the same time that many homeowners insurance customers are discovering the peace of mind that their policies can bring as the wildfires in California continue to creep ever closer to their homes, others are finding that if their policies are up for renewal, it may not be possible to continue their coverage. It is clear that this is a stressful time for the people living near the wildfires, and this is making it worse.…

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