Is your home protected on July 4 in case of firework damage?

Firework damage - Fourth of July Celebration

A gorgeous pyrotechnic display is a fantastic way to polish off a red, white, and blue themed party. Families and friends across the country are preparing to celebrate the fourth of July and should understand their coverage against firework damage to ensure that if something goes awry it won’t lead to financial ruin. The National Fire Protection Agency says this is the biggest day of the year for home fires. Firework damage is a serious risk. Though additional precautions can help to prevent disaster, it’s still important to understand your…

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Hawaii volcano insurance coverage becomes serious concern

Hawaii volcano insurance - errupting volcano in Hawaii

Residents of the side of the Big Island closest to Kilauea have been forced to evacuate. Hawaii volcano insurance has become a central topic in the state following earthquakes and Kilauea’s eruption. Several more quakes have been followed by new fissures opening. As residents have complied with a mandatory evacuation, the next worry is the damage. Dozens of structures have already been destroyed by the lava spraying across the Hawaiian neighborhoods, according to a CNN report. The report revealed that not all homeowners insurance policies in the affected area necessarily…

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Insurance policy may be required for this popular Christmas present

liability Insurance industry policy for drones

Thousands of kids (of all ages) will be unwrapping drones but not all know if they should have coverage. Across the United States, thousands of drones have made their way under Christmas trees so that novice pilots will be able to fly them but what many people haven’t realized is that an insurance policy can be one of the best accessories that can come with these gifts. While many of these devices will be played with without problems, there are others that will be crashed. As these hobby drone devices…

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Homeowners insurance may be getting pricier for those affected by Storm Desmond

UK Flood homeowners Insurance companies Flood Re Plan

Residents of parts of the U.K. that suffered from flooding may soon be seeing higher premiums, too. People living in the parts of Cumbria in the United Kingdom, which have been stricken by flooding following Storm Desmond may soon have further unwanted news as it is expected that homeowners insurance rates will likely rise in that area as a result of the losses that were recorded. As of yet, it is too early to predict exactly how much the storm will be costing the insurance industry. In the U.K., an…

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Homeowners insurance premiums continue to rise in Massachusetts

Massachusetts homeowners Insurance

State’s homeowners are expressing anger about higher premiums Homeowners in Massachusetts are growing more frustrated with high insurance premiums. The Massachusetts Division of Insurance has taken a step to help consumers better understand why rates are rising so quickly by making the rate review process open to the public. The decision may provide more transparency when it comes to increasing homeowners insurance rates. It is unlikely, however, that this will reduce the frustration that consumers are feeling when it comes to insurance premiums. Division of Insurance will provide more transparency…

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Homeowners insurance companies in Ohio look at ‘high-risk’ dog breeds

homeowners insurance news pit bull dog liability

Owners of pit bulls, among others, say that they have experienced bias when they seek policies. Ohio has had a regulation in place for about three years that has stated that the owners of all breeds of dog must be treated equally, but this has created a certain degree of controversy when it comes to homeowners insurance policies. Some dog owners have said that the breed of their pets have placed a sizeable barrier in their way. Among those challenges, homeowners insurance has been at the top of the list.…

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Homeowners insurance companies haven’t given up on rate hike requests

car insurance rates homeowners

Despite the fact that they have been unsuccessful, so far, insurers in North Carolina are still trying. According to an industry spokesperson in North Carolina, homeowners insurance companies are not yet ready to back down on their goal to increase premiums by an average of 25 percent across the state. A group that represents nearly 100 insurers in the state is taking its case to the Court of Appeals. According to Ray Evans, a spokesperson for the Rate Bureau industry group, which represents almost 100 companies that sell N.C. homeowners…

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