New Jersey homeowners insurance legislation results from report outcomes

Homeowners insurance New Jersey

A lawmaker in the state has now introduced a bill to stop premiums from skyrocketing after one claim. A recent homeowners insurance study brought to light a certain issue with regards to the significant raising of premiums for New Jersey customers after they had made one claim on their policies. The report showed that this issue was present across the country, but New Jersey took this to heart. The results were reflected in an data analysis that determined that after one homeowners insurance claim had been made in 2014,…

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Mississippi homeowners insurance companies targeted by new legislation

Mississippi Homeowners Insurance Industry

Lawmakers seek out answers concerning troubling insurance trends Mississippi lawmakers may soon pass legislation that will require the state’s property insurance companies to disclose how much they collect in premiums and how much money they spend on claims. This legislation would target insurers that provide coverage for the damage associated with hurricanes. Most insurance companies only provide coverage for wind damage, as flood insurance is primarily a matter for the federal government to handle. State officials suggest that insurers are not always straightforward with the information they provide concerning damage…

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Homeowners insurance bill filed by Florida legislator for gun owners

Florida Homeowners Insurance

This action appears to be made as a pre-emptive strike to regulate the way weapons owners are treated by insurers. Representative Matt Gaetz has now filed legislation that is designed to help to regulate how homeowners insurance companies will be able to treat gun owners, through a bill that is being viewed as a form of pre-emptive strike in Florida. At the moment, application for home coverage do not ask whether or not a gun will be on the property. Within the state of Florida, when a homeowners insurance policy…

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