Flood insurance premiums spike has strangled home values

flood insurance

The cost of the coverage has skyrocketed upward by seven times and is holding real estate hostage. Following the rewriting by U.S. Congress of the federal flood insurance program, the monthly premiums that are paid by over 1 million homeowners in the United States are now slated to rise considerably. The result of this increase in cost for covering the homes has had a large impact on the real estate market. Due to the higher cost of flood insurance coverage in certain large areas, which has meant that the price…

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Homeowners insurance rates continue to skyrocket

Homeowners face increasing struggles as their home values continue to fall and maintenance costs continue to climb, with a new setback consisting of significantly higher insurance payments. Insurance rates for homes have been increasing steadily over the last few years, and the Insurance Information Institute has indicated that this year is expected to continue in that trend, with a rise of about 5 percent to reach an average of $1,004. This will have been the largest annual increase since the start of the recession, and will mark the first time…

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