Be Smart on Dunce Day by Avoiding These Common Home Safety Mistakes

Dunce Day - Matchstick House - Fire - Burning

Despite its name November 8 is a day that represents the celebration of learning. It’s Dunce Day and, as is the case every November 8, it’s a time to celebrate the ability to learn. This year, take the chance to discover some of the most common home safety mistakes, so you can avoid being a dunce about them! The name of the day is associated with dunce caps from older education methods. Dunce Day’s origins trace back to medieval times in Duns, Scotland, which was named after Duns Scotus, a…

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Home Safety Tips Your Insurance Agent Wants You to Know

Home Safety Tips - Keeping Your Home Safe - Hands holding home

Some maintenance steps are more obvious than others, but here are some you may have missed. Some home safety tips are pretty obvious. There’s no mystery that your insurance agent would want you to make sure your smoke detector is functioning. Yes, it’s a good idea to be sure your gutters are clear, particularly after the leave have fallen but before the snow begins. However, there are certain home safety steps you can be taking that you may not realize. Following certain home safety tips can make a tremendous difference…

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