Top home break-in prevention tips for the holiday shopping season

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Thieves are looking for homes when people aren’t there but their expensive gifts and electronics are. With the holiday shopping season well underway, home break-in prevention becomes more important than it is at many other times of the year. Thieves know that many of us travel during this season, we stay out late attending parties, and we make major purchases for great gifts under the tree. In order to keep that festive feeling and protect yourself from break-ins and theft, prevention is necessary. Home break-in prevention can help you from…

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Homeowners insurance company warns of Friday robbery spikes

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According to a data analysis conducted by Aviva Canada, home burglaries dramatically rise in summer months, too. While the majority of us may look forward to Fridays because it means that we’re headed toward a weekend of fun and relaxation, a homeowners insurance company is now warning property owners to take extra precautions on that day as it is also a favorite time for burglaries. A large national home insurer has conducted a data analysis and showed that certain times are far worse than others. Aviva Canada’s data analysis showed…

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