Flood insurance isn’t protecting most homeowners in Arizona

flood insurance program

The majority of property owners in the state do not have this coverage, but some are starting to change their minds. The majority of homeowners across Arizona have been learning an important lesson about flood insurance over the last few weeks as they discover that this protection is not included as a part of the standard home policy. After the recent downpours, it is still likely that most Arizonans won’t buy the coverage, but some will. Many homeowners are hopeful – and quite expect – that if something should happen,…

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Ohio homeowners insurance customers are paying less

Ohio homeowners Insurance

The coverage is the sixth lowest in the United States, meaning that residents are saving compared to other locations. According to a recent announcement made by Mary Taylor, the Lieutenant Governor and Department of Insurance Director, the average Ohio homeowners insurance policy is costing residents of the state notably less than the average resident of the majority of other locations across the country. In fact, she revealed that premiums there are the sixth lowest among all of the states in the nation. The most recent data available from the National…

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Coastal home insurance costs rising in Massachusetts

coastal home insurance

This situation is starting to cause concern for officials in the state, where sea levels are a growing problem. Property owners along the seaside and riverside in the state are facing a double level of concern regarding the rising sea levels and the cost of coastal home insurance that is going along with it. The damage caused by Superstorm Sandy is being used as an example of what Massachusetts could one day see. Although the majority of the damage along the coastline was to New York City and New Jersey,…

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Nonsmokers homeowners insurance discounts are butting out

nonsmokers homeowners insurance

Though once quite common, the reduced premiums paid by people who don’t smoke are becoming rare. It wasn’t that long ago that reporting to an insurer that you wished for nonsmokers homeowners insurance because nobody in the household was lighting up was not only good for the health of your family, but also for your wallet. However, it is becoming increasingly rare to be able to shave those extra dollars from your premiums in this way. This is especially the case in Massachusetts. The nonsmokers homeowners insurance discount in the…

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More homeowners insurance policies being removed from Citizens

Florida Homeowners Insurance

Florida regulators approve further depopulation efforts Florida insurance regulators have approved yet another initiative from the state’s Citizens Property Insurance organization to shed policies. The state-run insurer has been working to depopulate itself of homeowners insurance policies for the past few years in order to resolve ongoing financial issues. The endeavor has proven quite successful, as the insurer recently announced that it now has some $7 billion in reserve capital. The initiative has caused some concern among consumers, however, whose policies are being taken up by private companies. 151,000 policies…

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Homeowners insurance heads skywards for the Jersey Shore due to Sandy

homeowners insurance policy multiple claims

Half of a year has passed since the Superstorm struck and now rates are being impacted. As homeowners insurance policyholders on the Jersey Shore start to receive their renewal notices on their policies – six months after the storm destroyed the region – many consumers are noticing that their premiums have skyrocketed when compared to what they were paying before the storm struck. Residents of the Jersey Shore are still trying to rebuild from the damages left behind by the storm. After facing considerable out of pocket costs from the…

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Homeowners insurance concerns begin with late winter water issues

winter water homeowners insurance industry

As the season comes to a close, issues with water are starting to fall into the spotlight of the industry. Consumers are being advised to start looking at their home insurance coverage so that they know exactly what protection is available to them as the threat of water damage increases from a number of different sources as the late winter begins its onslaught. The late months of the season frequently bring a high risk of water damage along with them. While some of these water related perils are often covered…

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