Homeowners insurance may not fully cover that awesome man cave

Man cave basement homeowners insurance

Creating that amazing retreat in your basement may seem like a clever reno until floodwaters rise. While adding a great man cave is becoming a more common renovation in many homes across the country, what isn’t becoming as popular is the understanding that standard homeowners insurance may turn that beloved space into one of the most costly financial liabilities in a family’s residence. There are several reasons to explain why coverage may not fully protect this basement room. According to the 2014 Cost vs. Value Report issued by Remodeling Magazine,…

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UK flood insurance could cost insurers at least £500 billion

UK Flood Insurance

This expense could rapidly double if the disastrous weather conditions keep up in the country. The latest data from a Deloitte LLP partner is showing that the storms and flooding that are pounding on the country – one after the next – could cost the home, auto, and UK flood insurance industry a minimum of £500 million. That is only considered to be a starting point as the cost could end up being much higher. This amount, which is about $822 million, could double, according to the partner, James Rakow,…

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Flood insurance rate hike delay voted through by Senate

flood insurance storm damage

As was predicted, the United States Senate has now given their approval to hold back the rising prices. Many states, particularly those with coastlines, have been expressing outrage from their homeowners as flood insurance rates have been threatening to skyrocket as a result of a law that would have forced the increases. However, the Senate has now passed a bill that would stop some of the law’s increase forcing elements. The flood insurance bill was passed with a vote of 67 to 32. This was a direct result of a…

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Coastal home insurance costs rising in Massachusetts

coastal home insurance

This situation is starting to cause concern for officials in the state, where sea levels are a growing problem. Property owners along the seaside and riverside in the state are facing a double level of concern regarding the rising sea levels and the cost of coastal home insurance that is going along with it. The damage caused by Superstorm Sandy is being used as an example of what Massachusetts could one day see. Although the majority of the damage along the coastline was to New York City and New Jersey,…

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Oregon flood insurance premiums still charged to the wrong homeowners

Flood Insurance - FEMA

The challenges that FEMA is facing within the state are clearly on the rise. Hundreds of homeowners throughout the state are finding themselves wrongly being required to pay Oregon flood insurance as they are caught up in the flaws of a system in which lenders automatically include properties located close to flooding zones in with those that are actually located in high risk areas. This means that properties nearby – but outside of – flooding zones, are deemed high risk by lenders. This is problematic for those homeowners as it…

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UK flood insurance leads to confrontation with Prime Minister

UK cyber Insurance industry News united kingdom

David Cameron was confronted by a woman who accused him of a “betrayal” regarding the delay in the coverage program. United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron visited Yalding, Kent, only to be confronted by a woman named Ericka Olivares, who accused him and the Government of betraying the flooding victims through the delays in the UK flood insurance program when he had promised that premiums would be kept down. Olivares urged Cameron to push a deal forward that would make this coverage affordable. She pressured him to bring a deal…

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Homeowners insurance rates likely to spike in Alberta

homeowners insurance rates

Alberta floods cause spike in insurance rates Homeowners in Alberta, Canada, are preparing to see higher insurance rates as insurers begin to feel the financial impact caused by recent floods. The Insurance Bureau of Canada notes that insurers have been weighing the impact of floods that struck Alberta in June of this year and many have found the need to raise rates in order to mitigate the financial blow of the disaster. Those that had fallen victim to flooding will likely see their homeowners insurance rates spike in the coming…

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