Kids Christmas safety tips for happy holidays this year

Kids Christmas safety - Christmas Tree - Presents

This time of year can be extremely exciting for children so make sure it’s safe for them, too. Festive candles, twinkly lights, gorgeous glass ornaments and decadent desserts are all fun for children, but kids Christmas safety takes several important steps. They’re based on common sense and can make the difference between a festive, happy Christmas and a catastrophe in which someone is hurt or property is damaged. The right safety tips can keep your little ones and small-sized guests out of danger this year. Use these kids Christmas safety…

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Avoid these holiday decoration hazards to keep your celebrations festive

Holiday decoration hazards - Wreath with candles

Decorations are lovely to look at but can present a hazard when they’re not used with care. At this festive time of year, it’s important to know how to avoid holiday decoration hazards. After all, the last thing you want to have to do is damage property, place family at risk or make an insurance claim when you should be celebrating. Festive decorating can include everything from candles and lights to garland, ornaments and linens. These additions to the normal decor of our homes can present some additional dangers if…

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Top tips to avoid winter holiday season home insurance claims

Winter holiday season - Christmas tree and Christmas decorations

This season is filled to the brim with festivities, but these celebrations also come with certain risks. The winter holiday season is already well underway. Friends and family gather together for parties, meals and other celebrations. All this extra food, cooking and people can pose some potential risks at home that could lead to homeowners insurance claims unless you take the right precautions. Understanding the risks is the first step to making sure you’ll take the right steps to prevent hazards. Understanding the risks associated with the winter holiday season…

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Choosing and caring for a problem-free Christmas tree

When it comes to real Christmas trees, the “snowflake” rule applies: no two are alike. This means that it takes a little bit of knowledge to understand how to choose the right one and how to care for it in order to make sure that it will last as long as possible and that it will remain safe throughout the holiday season. Assistant vice president Lisa Melton of Amica Insurance said that while nothing tops the authenticity of a real Christmas tree’s feel, look, and smell, “they require extra care…

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