Most expensive auto insurance sold in Michigan and Louisiana

expensive auto insurance policy car

While Michigan’s rank at the top hasn’t changed, Louisiana has climbed back up after having fallen. Expensive auto insurance has become a way of life in certain states, and for Michigan drivers that way of life is more costly than any other state. Similarly, Louisiana, which had been dropping in the ranks among the most costly to purchase coverage, is back in second place. There are many reasons that contributed to a state-wide trend of higher insurance rates than the rest of the country. In Michigan’s case, the reason remains…

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Homeowners insurance policyholders in Texas face highest premiums

Texas homeowners Insurance

Residents of the state are paying the largest amount for their coverage when compared to all other states. According to recently released data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), residents of Texas are still paying the highest premiums for their homeowners insurance coverage. Though this remains the case, two other states on the Gulf Coast have rates that are nearly as high. In 2010, the average annual premiums paid by Texas homeowners insurance customers for the most commonly sold policy had been listed at $1,560. That amount was…

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