Extreme sports insurance is a must for travelers with a taste for adrenalin

Extreme sports Insurance

This coverage becomes especially important when visiting a foreign country. Travelers seeking adventure are advised to enjoy their adrenalin rush with a bit of added precaution through extreme sports insurance, which will make sure that if the worst does happen, they’ll be covered. These policies come in particularly handy when things go wrong while out of the country. After all, as fun as sky diving, bungee jumping, rock climbing and other thrilling activities may be, if things do go wrong, you don’t want to have to pay an arm and…

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Direct Travel opens new online medical screening facility for improved quotes and policy purchases

Direct Travel Insurance has started an online medical screening facility in order to be able to improve its site’s ability to provide accurate quote and increase the convenience for consumers to purchase policies. This new function gives customers with pre-existing medical conditions the ability to make their online travel insurance purchase where they had not previously been able to do so. Now they have the opportunity to purchase policies online that will cover those medical conditions, subject to underwriting acceptance criteria. Before this tool became available, customers at Direct Travel…

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One of the most unusual and high risk travel insurance policies written

When a young, 25 year old English woman started making plans to travel around the world, she went to Lloyd’s (of London) for her insurance policy. Lloyd’s was established in 1774, and has insured thousands of people; writing some very unusual and notable policies. However, Sarah Outen was one of the most difficult individual policies they had taken to task in more than twenty five years. Lloyd’s has insured some very famous people, and their body parts. For example, Bruce Springsteen and Celine Dion have insured their vocal cords, Tina…

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