New FEMA maps may lead to more flood insurance policy sales

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A higher number of homeowners may soon find themselves being required to purchase coverage. In Tennessee, many homeowners who have never had to purchase a flood insurance policy before might find that situation changing. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has updated its flood maps and in certain counties, this has meant considerable change. For instance, in Davidson county, Tennessee, over 4,400 properties are newly considered to be in high risk zones. This means that thousands of property owners are also finding themselves in need of a flood insurance policy…

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Flood insurance is not being renewed by businesses with increased exposure

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Massive premiums increases are making coverage cost prohibitive for many owners in high risk areas. Following massive flooding in Queensland, Australia, many businesses are starting to drop their flood insurance and even their property coverage at a rate that is faster than the rest of the country. This, according to a national survey that studied the rates of dropped coverage. The plummeting flood insurance and property coverage levels have been blamed on the challenges faced in certain sectors of the economy, in combination with the rapidly rising premiums following a…

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