Most residents of high-risk flood zones don’t have flooding insurance, analysis

High-risk flood zones - Flooding in neighborhood

A recent study has shown that an average of 6 in 10 affected homeowners aren’t covered. Severe weather events don’t plan to take a break just because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but a new analysis shows that 6 in 10 homeowners in high-risk flood zones don’t have insurance against overland water damage. The Atlantic hurricane season starts today, and severe flooding has already started in some areas. Central Michigan, for instance, has already been affected by considerable flooding in many regions. recently published the results of an analysis it…

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FEMA clashes with National Wildlife Federation over flood insurance and endangered animals

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has come under fire from the National Wildlife Federation. The federation claims that the agency is granting flood insurance policies to land development projects that could put natural habitats at risk of destruction. The federation claims that FEMA is acting in violation of the Endangered Species Act, which protects these habitats from construction projects. These projects are primarily focused on the Puget Sound region of Washington. Without flood insurance, companies cannot expand into this region of the state because it presents a significant risk…

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FEMA to update flood maps for Florida by 2012 hurricane season

FEMA has begun updated its flood maps for the state of Florida and the new maps will be put into effect before the 2012 hurricane season. The maps determine what properties are at risk of flooding in the event of a natural disaster or severe storm. Insurers rely on these maps and the risk they place on certain regions to price insurance coverage. Typically, areas that are classified as high risk are required to have some form of flood insurance protection. Collier County will have the most drastic change next…

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