Home flood insurance for high risk properties may be cancelled

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Congress is currently looking at the National Flood Insurance Program and coverage for troublesome locations. The United States Congress may soon take the axe to home flood insurance coverage for properties that are regularly flooded. It is looking specifically at the way communities deal with some of the properties that flood the most. They are the locations that make the most frequent National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) claims and receive the most payouts. New bipartisan legislation could require communities to handle repeated loss patterns from flooding. The existence of home…

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Flood insurance is not being renewed by businesses with increased exposure

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Massive premiums increases are making coverage cost prohibitive for many owners in high risk areas. Following massive flooding in Queensland, Australia, many businesses are starting to drop their flood insurance and even their property coverage at a rate that is faster than the rest of the country. This, according to a national survey that studied the rates of dropped coverage. The plummeting flood insurance and property coverage levels have been blamed on the challenges faced in certain sectors of the economy, in combination with the rapidly rising premiums following a…

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House votes to renew the National Flood Insurance Program for another five years

The National Flood Insurance Program has been renewed for another five years, after a vote from the House on Tuesday.  The program has been struggling financially for several years, unable to withstand the burden of past disasters and new clients. It has long been the last place people could find affordable flood insurance, especially after Hurricane Katrina drove many insurers away from coastal states. The program’s fate now lies in the hands of Congress, who must determine the final course of action before September 30th, when the program will expire…

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National Flood Insurance Program on financial shaky ground

On Wednesday, a subcommittee of the House of Representatives approved amendments that could help revitalize the stagnant National Flood Insurance Program. The program is currently in a state of bankruptcy, having been unable to procure any additional funding from the government. It will continue to operate until September 30, when funding will run out completely. The legislation, which was passed by a voice vote, seeks to revamp the program to make it more financially sound and provide federal agencies such as FEMA more flexibility in their operations. “In the near…

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Major flood risk areas in U.S.

U.S. and state officials from the Midwest are making preparations for possible floods that might happen during the spring along identified areas particularly those that are near the Red Rive and Mississippi River. These are the areas that are of the greatest risks for encountering the floods. The areas that are affected during the floods are among the top crop producers of the country. The states of Illinois and Iowa are leading exporters of corn and soybeans, while Minnesota and North Dakota are top producers of spring wheat and durum.…

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