Florida Leaders Champion Bill to Slash Homeowner Insurance Costs by 25%

florida homeowner insurance

Amid escalating homeowner insurance rates, a glimmer of hope emerges from South Florida as two political figures spearhead a legislative initiative aimed at significantly reducing these financial burdens on homeowners. The proposed congressional bill sets its sights on a 25% cut in property insurance costs nationwide, promising particularly dramatic relief for Floridian home and condo owners. The legislation, coined the Natural Disaster Reinsurance Plan, is championed by U.S. Rep. Jared Moskowitz, a Democrat from Coral Springs, and Steve Geller, a former Florida legislator and current Broward County commissioner. It boldly…

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Florida’s Uninsured Drivers Crisis: A Dangerous Road Ahead

florida insurance

The winding roads of Florida are becoming increasingly perilous not just because of the usual hazards, but due to a financial predicament that is putting more drivers at risk. The number of uninsured drivers in the Sunshine State is soaring. Recent data reveals that insurance affordability is becoming a significant roadblock, leading many to hit the roads unprotected. The Escalating Challenge of Uninsured Motorists Florida’s Dilemma: Costly Coverage Drives Uninsured Rates Up According to the Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I), between 16 to 20% of Florida’s motorists are skipping out on…

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Auto insurance remains high for Connecticut drivers

connecticut auto insurance

Motorists in the state won’t be experiencing any relief from the higher prices that they pay for coverage. Drivers in Connecticut are paying a higher price for auto insurance than other Americans across the country, and studies are now revealing that there are a number of reasons that motorists in that state face higher coverage costs. The high cost of living and higher income levels have always been contributors to higher premiums. Studies are indicating that there are a number of new and growing reasons that people in Connecticut are…

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Homeowners insurance rates grow nationwide

homeowners insurance rates grow

Homeowners insurance rates are increasing throughout the US Homeowners insurance has become a tricky subject in the U.S. Costs for this type of coverage are typically high in regions that are prone to natural disasters, such as those along the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico. States like Florida and Louisiana typically see high home insurance rates due to the fact that they have been victims of major hurricanes in the past. Homeowners insurance rates are growing, however, and this is not being restricted to just a few states. Rates…

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An eye opener to insurance fraud

Insurance fraud claims have been rising, and it seems consumer’s tolerance to the wrongdoing has risen also. The 2010 statistics show that the fraud claims totaled 80 billion dollars last year. It has been referred to as a white collar crime, and many people consider it a “victimless” crime. Why would someone file a bogus insurance claim? In the case of a Connecticut man, it seems he committed the crime out of spite. The 62 year old man was a former advertising executive and was being divorced by his wife…

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