Missouri Insurance Department recovers funds amidst swarm of complaints

Auto Insurance complaints

Missouri Insurance Department fields 26,000 consumers complaints The Missouri Insurance Department is fielding some 26,000 consumer complaints concerning the coverage they receive through the state’s insurance companies. This week alone, the agency has received more than 10,000 complaints and inquiries regarding the practices of insurance companies. On average, the agency typically receives 16,000 complaints throughout the course of an entire year. Spurred by these complaints, the Missouri Insurance Department has reclaimed some $7.7 million that will be returned to the state’s insurance consumers. Common complaints involve health insurance The most…

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Highmark announces the launch of new low premium and deductible individual health insurance coverage

Highmark has announced the availability of a new form of individual health insurance plan called the Simply Blue PPO, which is designed to provide policyholders with simple coverage at a low premium, with a predictable structure for copayments and with low deductibles. According to Highmark’s senior vice president of health services strategy, product and marketing, Steven Nelson, “We listened to our members’ feedback, and we’ve heard them say that they would like a more affordable plan without a large upfront deductible.” The new plan is medically underwritten and offers policyholders…

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New insurance fee to pay for medical treatment studies

Beginning in 2012, there will be a new federal fee applied to health insurance policies which will be applied to research studies that will help to determine which types of treatments, tests, procedures, and drugs are the most effective. The purpose of these medical studies is to identify whether new tests and treatments truly are as effective as their less expensive generic counterparts. This is a portion of the Obama administration’s health care law that has not received as much hype as other elements such as the state insurance exchanges.…

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