Health insurance deductibles are on the rise in the United States

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Consumers are facing higher deductibles for their health care plans More people than ever before have been able to acquire health insurance coverage, particularly through exchange marketplaces, but they are beginning to encounter a problem they may not have expected: Growing deductibles. Deductibles for employer-sponsored coverage have grown by 67% since 2010, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. HealthPocket, a health plan comparison site, shows that the average deductible for the least expensive coverage available through exchanges stands at $5,700 for 2016. Deductibles are higher for policies with low premiums…

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Health insurance premiums on the rise throughout the US

Health Insurance rate increases

Insurers are looking to increase premiums to recover from financial losses Insurance companies offering coverage through exchanges throughout the United States are looking to increase premiums in the coming year. This may not be a surprise, as industry experts and analysts have predicted significant growth in insurance premiums in the coming years. According to analysis from HealthPocket, however, rates are expected to grow by an average of 12% in 2016 for individual policies. Premiums enrolled in the most popular plans, such as Silver tier plans, could increase by as much…

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