Health insurance rebates may be held by employers

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The refund checks may not be seen by workers if their employers reinvest them into coverage. The Affordable Care Act has caused $1.1 billion in health insurance premiums to be refunded to policyholders, and though millions of individually insured individuals have received a check in the mail, workers are often finding that their employers are leading to a stall in the rebates process. This is leaving many employees wondering where the money is going. Workers did receive notification that they would be receiving a rebate, but that it would come…

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Ohio health insurance refunds will come to $11.3 million

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The rebates will be sent out to families in checks averaging $139 per family. This summer the Ohio health insurance rebates will be sending over 81,000 families throughout the state a total of $11.3 million. These refunds are a part of a nationwide repayment of $1.1 billion. On average, the rebate checks that will be received will be $139 for individuals and families with Ohio health insurance. However, some of the 81,500 families who will be receiving the payments will receive much more than that. In fact, the larger payments…

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