Insurance news in Oklahoma includes delays in Affordable Care Act decisions

Insurance News Mary Fallin, Governor of Oklahoma

State Governor Mary Fallin has postponed the choice regarding the health plan exchange. Though the insurance news from each state regarding the decision they have made as to how their health exchanges would be run had an original deadline of Friday, November 16, 2012, Governor Mary Fallin of Oklahoma has delayed the announcement of her choice. This decision has to do with a central part of the Affordable Care Act, the online marketplace. Alex Weintz, a spokesperson for the governor, released an insurance news email that stated that “Governor Fallin…

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Latest shows young adults will suffer without changes from health care reform

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What health care reform being overturned will mean for the younger generation One of the Affordable Care Act’s provisions has made it possible for young adults to retain the coverage they’ve had from their parents’ health insurance plans until they turn 26, but if insurance news headlines show that the reforms will be overturned, individuals within the later part of that age group will suddenly find themselves out of luck. Upon graduating from high school or college, many young adults struggle to find employment that includes health benefits, especially in…

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Oregon shows insurance agents are vital to state exchange

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Health insurance agents in Oregon needed The state’s Health Insurance Exchange intends to train and utilize insurance agents to assist residents and small businesses that are uninsured to find the right plans by 2014 when the new health care mandate goes into effect. What has still not yet been entirely defined is specifically what role the agents will play and how that will influence consumers who could depend on them for their advice and suggestions. The Oregon Health Insurance Exchange board met last Thursday and, according to Kim Wirtz, an exchange…

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