Health insurance in some parts of California may be on the rise

California Health Insurance

Bay Area residents may experience hikes in their premiums for their coverage next year. Consumers living in the Bay Area could potentially experience increases to their health insurance premiums, say some industry experts, if new proposals are all to pass by lawmakers in the state. The federal healthcare law is currently being interpreted by lawmakers and could lead to some added cost. Though some have predicted that there could be health insurance rate increases by as much as 20 percent, others don’t believe that the increases will be anywhere near…

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Health insurance exchange approval for states

health insurance exchanges

At the same time that the federal government had a fiscal cliff deadline, it also owed the states its decisions. The start of 2013 brought not only a great deal of attention to the decisions that would be made by the federal government regarding the fiscal cliff, but it also represented the time that the approvals would be given (or denied) to states regarding their plans for health insurance exchanges. The Secretary of Health and Human Services announced whether the proposals made by the states were approved. There are 24…

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