US government encourages insurance companies to advance pay health care providers

Insurance companies - American flag - person offering payment

After a massive cyberattack, the government hopes insurers will make advance payments. The US government has called for insurance companies to choose to voluntarily send advance payments to health care providers who were affected by a massive cyberattack. The attack caused a disruption to the processing systems with insurers. According to the US government, the cyberattack had a “significant impact” and it is hoping that insurance companies will choose to send advance payments to health care providers in light of what happened.  The attack impacted Change Healthcare, a UnitedHealth Group…

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Health insurance open enrollment has begun

Health insurance Enrollment Form

Across the country, Americans can now purchase their own plans, many of whom now have more choices. Across the country, Americans who purchase their own health insurance can now do so for 2022 on the federal or state exchanges as the enrollment window has opened. The open enrollment period will continue until next year into January 2022. In California, residents can purchase their health insurance through Covered California, the country’s largest state-run plan marketplace. The plans sold through the exchanges are for people who don’t already receive coverage through their…

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Health insurance expectations falling in the US

health insurance exchanges

Affordable Care Act continues to draw criticism due to health insurance provisions The Affordable Care Act has experienced no shortage of opposition in the U.S. The health care law, which was passed in 2010, seeks to revolutionize the health care and health insurance industries of the entire country. The feat is not small in any way, and many have criticized the law’s provisions as either being too aggressive or not expansive enough. Despite criticism, the Obama administration has been adamant on the belief that the Affordable Care Act will expand…

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