Insurance fraud lawsuit filed by Allstate

California Insurance company Fraud scam

The insurer has filed a lawsuit worth $6.6 million against 47 durable medical supply companies and their owners. Allstate has just filed a new insurance fraud lawsuit in order to help to recover $6.6 million in treble damages against 80 defendants throughout the states of New York and Florida. The insurer is not new to this type of filing, as it is the fourth that it has made since the start of the year. The insurance fraud lawsuit filing was also the 48th that Allstate has made since 2003, in…

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Insurance fraud lawsuit filed by Allstate against providers

Disability Insurance Fraud

The massive insurer has sued five medical professional companies and six physicians in the U.S. Allstate has just filed an insurance fraud lawsuit worth $3.8 million in order to recover the funds from five medical professional corporations and six physicians. This is the third lawsuit of this nature that the insurer has filed within this year alone. Overall, there have been 47 insurance fraud lawsuits filed by Allstate in the state of New York since 2003. In total, the insurer has sought over $235 million in damages throughout those years.…

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Healthcare fraud in the United States reaches record levels

Health insurance fraud and abuse

Also breaking records is the amount that has been recovered, which has totaled $4.2 billion. The Department of Justice and the Department of Health and Human Services have announced that they have broken previous records in healthcare fraud recovery in their joint efforts to address the issue last year. This brought back $4.2 billion that would otherwise have scammed the systems and caused prices to rise. Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) Kathleen Sebelius jointly issued a report that demonstrated that for every dollar…

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