Health insurance premiums are a main issue for consumers

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A recent study has shown that Americans pay most attention to price when they shop for plans. Americans have made bargain shopping into an art form, and this habit has crossed over into the effort to purchase health insurance, as the cost of premiums are among the top factors that consumers consider when they buy, according to a new survey. Two thirds of consumers who switched plans on the insurance exchange said price was the deciding factor. Over half of all consumers who shopped around on the exchanges but didn’t…

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Health insurance education sessions to be hosted by UnitedHealthcare

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Insurer aims to dispel the confusion that surrounds health insurance coverage The East Central Regional Enrollment Network, which provides assistance for those interested in enrolling in both private and public health insurance plans, has announced that UnitedHealthcare, one of the nation’s largest insurance providers, will be offering education opportunities. The insurer will be hosting educational sessions concerning the policies it offers through the Wisconsin health insurance exchange. The sessions are meant to dispel confusion among consumers and ensure that they have the information they need in order to acquire the…

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Health insurance trends still show challenges for transgender consumers

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Many people are facing lengthy battles with insurers regarding the coverage of certain procedures and medications. Across the United States, there are an estimated 700,000 people who are transgender, and many of those consumers have been facing considerable struggles as the latest health insurance trends are not providing coverage for certain medications and procedures that are commonly needed by these individuals. As the public becomes more aware of this population, it is increasingly evident that insurance coverage is highly complex. When it comes to procedures related to transgender people, the…

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Program to protect health insurance companies to be expanded

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Government plans to expand reinsurance program to protect insurers The Obama Administration has announced that it will be expanding a program that is designed to protect health insurance companies from high claims. The system serve as a reinsurance program, which provides insurers with the protection they need from the risks that they face. Insurers throughout the country will have the chance to pay into the program, which will partially reimburse them for insurance claims that go beyond a certain level. HHS will have the program cover the cost of claims…

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Health insurance premiums on the rise throughout the US

Health Insurance rate increases

Insurers are looking to increase premiums to recover from financial losses Insurance companies offering coverage through exchanges throughout the United States are looking to increase premiums in the coming year. This may not be a surprise, as industry experts and analysts have predicted significant growth in insurance premiums in the coming years. According to analysis from HealthPocket, however, rates are expected to grow by an average of 12% in 2016 for individual policies. Premiums enrolled in the most popular plans, such as Silver tier plans, could increase by as much…

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Florida Senate approves ambitious health insurance plan

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Florida Health Insurance Affordability Exchange has received approval from the Senate The Florida Senate has approved a health insurance plan that could expand insurance coverage to a greater number of people. The plan is called the Florida Health Insurance Affordability Exchange, and involves providing those without insurance, and the underinsured, with coverage if they qualify for the program’s services. The state’s Senate approved of the plan this week, but it still faces significant opposition as it moves on to the Florida House of Representatives. Changes to the plan ease the…

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Study shows 31 million people are not using their health insurance

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Commonwealth Fund study highlights the complications of medical costs and the health care system The Commonwealth Fund has released a new study called “The Problem of Underinsurance and How Rising Deductibles Will Make it Worse.” The study highlights the fact that many people with health insurance coverage are not actually using this coverage. There are many factors that contribute to these issues, but the high cost of medical care and high deductibles are proving to be a barrier to people using their insurance policies. High deductibles are a barrier for…

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