How the New Health Insurance Laws of 2014 Will Affect Businesses

Small Group Health Insurance

Health care has always been a hot topic. Historically health insurance was too expensive for many smaller businesses and individuals to have. Unfortunately the failure to obtain that insurance could result in very high medical costs when hospital, doctor, or dental visits were required. The Affordable Health Care Act known by many as ObamaCare will come into full effect in January of next year. It is meant to reform health care as we know it. There will be many changes that businesses and employees should be aware of. Overall Health…

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Opt in before Mandatory Health Insurance Hits

health care reform

With the Affordable Care Act set to be fully implemented in January of 2014 how much thought have you given to how the law will affect you?  Starting January 1st Americans will be required to purchase health insurance or pay a tax penalty. Before you get defensive or incited, take a moment to think about your options. The numbers Some people are already saying that they would rather choose to pay the penalty instead of buying health care coverage for themselves.  Here’s the skinny on that penalty.  For the 2014…

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Snyder reveals his healthcare plan to send Obama’s reforms to a non-profit

Governor Rick Snyder (Michigan) has unveiled his plans for implementing one of the primary healthcare reforms from the Obama administration – the statewide affordable health insurance marketplace for consumers – by proposing legislation that would turn the task over to a non-profit organization. Snyder made the announcement in his first major speech about healthcare, in which he made a call for the forming of the MIHealth Marketplace. This would be a non-profit group that would supervise the sale of health insurance to small businesses struggling to be able to offer…

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