Millions of Americans are losing employer sponsored health insurance plans

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As workers across the country have been laid off, they’ve also been losing their medical coverage. Employees across the country who had been enjoying employer sponsored health insurance are suddenly finding themselves without a plan as the coronavirus causes millions of layoffs. In many states, the rates of uninsured residents are jumping from single to double digits. As though losing a job wasn’t enough as pandemic prevention efforts continue to hold in place, many Americans who had been covered through employer sponsored health insurance are losing their coverage, too. This…

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Senator Rubio outlines plan to address health insurance system in the US

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Rubio provides insight into his plan to reform health care The political wheel in the United States has begun to turn once again as presidential campaigns begin to kick off throughout the country. Many have announced their campaign for the presidency, including Senator Marco Rubio, who believes he may be able to change the way the country’s health care system works. Senator Rubio recently outlined his plan to change the health care system and how health insurance works, seeking to make the most significant changes the country has seen since…

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Health insurance run by the state rejected by voters in Switzerland

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Recently, Swiss exit polls showed that the country is not interested in dumping the all private system. A recent poll has shown that 64 percent of voters in Switzerland chose not to support the plan to eliminate the current health insurance system in the country that is completely privatized in favor of a strategy that is state run. This was discovered through an exit poll that was conducted on Sunday among the voters. The state run health insurance system was being pushed by parties with left leanings that claim that…

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Health insurance for high risk Californians to shift to federal program

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There will be thousands of people in the state with serious medical conditions who will be affected. Beginning in July, there will be about 17,000 people with serious medical problems in California who will be shifting out of a state run health insurance stopgap program and into a federal plan. This will help to make sure that their coverage continues until the healthcare reforms become effective next year. This, according to an announcement that has been made by officials in the state. The state board responsible for overseeing the California…

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Health insurance alternative becomes law in Arkansas

Arkansas Health Insurance

Arkansas health insurance law provides alternative to expansion of Medicaid program The Affordable Care Act has seen no shortage of controversy and challenge in the U.S. While some states have worked to unseat the federal law, despite it being upheld by the Supreme Court, Arkansas has been one of the few that has been working for alternatives regarding the provisions outlined in the law. Earlier this year, Arkansas began developing a plan to support its private health insurance exchanges as a suitable alternative to expanding its Medicaid program that would…

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