Graduate student health insurance subsidy returns to the University of Missouri

teen college student health insurance

Following some heavy backlash, the administrators at the college have changed their minds. Administrators at the University of Missouri have now decided that they will be offering student health insurance subsidies to graduate students who are working at the college, after all. This is a direct reversal of the decision that had been made last week, in which they had decided to cut the funding. This change of heart with regards to the student health insurance subsidies has arrived after some serious backlash occurred against the university. Graduate students threatened…

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Consumers could be repaying the tax credits they received for health insurance

health insurance disclosure tax penalty

H&R Block provides some insight into why some consumers will have trouble with their tax filings this year Acclaimed tax preparation company H&R Block has released statistics concerning the impact the Affordable Care Act will have on tax returns. The federal law is meant to make health insurance more accessible and affordable for consumers throughout the country. This is accomplished through the provision of subsidies, which offset the overall cost of health insurance coverage. The problem, however, is that many people will have to repay some of their tax credits.…

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Health insurance subsidy more available to abused spouses through tax change

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An alteration to the law no longer requires victims of domestic abuse to file joint taxes. The Affordable Care Act has now made a change that will make it much easier for victims of domestic violence to be able to obtain health insurance subsidies without having to file their taxes jointly. This new fix has been put into place – as has an extension in their enrollment period. The problem that caused the requirement for this change in the law surrounding subsidies for health insurance was that in order for…

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Insurance industry study shows over 300k in Arizona qualify for subsidies

Arizona Health Insurance industry

Recent research has shown that almost 60 percent of the state’s population can receive this assistance. The results of a new insurance industry study are now revealing that almost 60 percent of the residents of Arizona who purchase coverage through the federal exchange will be able to qualify for a tax subsidy to help to make their health plans more affordable. This study looked at individuals who did not qualify for Medicaid plans but who would use the exchange. This insurance industry research was conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation.…

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