Health care reform brings better insurance to some in Maryland

health insurance healthcare reform

Consumers in the state are not signing up in record numbers but they are trading up for improved coverage. According to some of the latest figures from the health care reform in Maryland, the insurance exchange in the state isn’t necessarily making a tremendous dent in the number of uninsured people, but it is giving individuals a way to make sure that they are receiving the best possible coverage. Many people have upgraded their coverage but are paying less for their plans. The state doesn’t yet have the data regarding…

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California health insurance enrollees encouraged to pay premiums

health insurance deadline enrollment

Though many Californians have taken the step to purchase their plans, they are now being urged to make their payments. As the first major California health insurance deadline has now passed for purchasing coverage on the state’s exchange, these thousands of consumers are now being urged to actually pay for their first month of premiums in time for the next deadline, which is rapidly approaching. After an extension to the deadline, the first payment for premiums is now due on January 6, 2014. This deadline is for the California health…

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Kaiser releases estimates for health insurance tax credits

health insurance news care reform

Health insurance tax credits subject of new Kaiser analysis Next year in the U.S., all citizens aged 18 and above will be required to purchase and maintain health insurance coverage due to federal law. This is one of the most controversial aspects of the Affordable Care Act, but the federal government has been working to highlight the fact that the law allows for consumers to receive financial assistance from the government when purchasing insurance coverage. This week, the Kaiser Family Foundation has released information concerning the financial aid that people…

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Health insurance through state exchanges still not a firm deal for many Americans

health insurance confusion

Two out of three people still haven’t decided if they will insure themselves under the new law. Even though it is full steam ahead for the Affordable Care Act, many Americans still don’t entirely understand what they need to do in order to comply with it or they simply have not yet decided whether or not they will choose to purchase the health insurance that is needed under the so-called individual mandate. A recent study has indicated that almost two thirds of Americans has not yet made its decision. The…

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Health insurance plans rarely meet the minimum exchange requirements

Health Insurance plans

A recent study has shown that the majority of policies aren’t up to the minimums of the federal law. Individuals and families that are already purchasing their own health insurance plans will likely want to pay attention to the latest news that has been released following a study at the University of Chicago. It determined that most plans aren’t up to the quality required by the federal healthcare overhaul. This will mean that even some individuals who have already purchased their own health insurance coverage will need to change their…

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Health insurance survey shows struggles among New Hampshire residents

New Hampshire Health Insurance

Study reveals that few understand the markets for medical coverage in the state. New Hampshire is getting ready to begin its health insurance marketplace, as per the federal healthcare reforms, but a recent survey has shown that the vast majority of the residents of the state either don’t understand the changes or are completely unaware that they will be occurring. The marketplace is being created by the state and should be open for enrollment by October. The health insurance exchange in the state is going to be called the New…

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Health insurance satisfaction seen in most Americans

homeowners Insurance Consumer Satisfaction

A Gallup poll has shown that the majority of people in the United States are happy with their coverage. According to a survey that was performed by Gallup, 67 percent of adults in the United States reported that they felt that their health insurance coverage was either good or excellent. This may be a positive statistic, but it is actually a drop when compared to last year’s data. Last year, the same survey determined that 72 percent of adult Americans felt that their health insurance coverage was either good or…

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