Health insurance exchange website security gets a boost

Health Insurance Exchange

The Obama administration has responded to criticisms from civil liberties advocates with strengthened protection. Following criticism that the Obama administration has received from civil liberties advocates, it has now stated that it will be strengthening the security of its health insurance exchange website, just as a new open enrollment period is about to begin. The page will now feature a new “privacy manager” that will offer users additional control. According to a blog post by Kevin Counihan, the CEO of, the federal health insurance exchange website, the site will…

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Health insurance exchanges could have had serious security issues in the past

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New information shows that exchanges were developed hastily by the federal government Health insurance exchanges in the U.S. could have been plagued by serious security issues as they were being formed, according to information from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Several states had opted to allow the federal government to develop insurance exchanges rather than building these exchanges themselves. Because the federal government faced a serious deadline concerning getting these exchanges up and running. As such, the government may have left some aspects of the exchange network vulnerable.…

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