Health insurance rates to rise in Rhode Island

health insurance

Rhode Island Insurance Commissioner approves higher health insurance rates The cost of health insurance is set to grow in Rhode Island. Insurance Commissioner Christopher Koller recently approved rate increase proposals that will affect more than 200 plans throughout the state. Higher rates will take effect in 2014 and approval was granted to proposals coming from UnitedHealth of New England and Tufts Health Plan, as well as others operating in the state. On average, rates are to increase by 10% for a variety of plans. Rates for individual market to rise…

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Rhode Island Insurance Commissioners wins new powers from the state Superior Court

Rhode Island’s Superior Court has passed a ruling granting the state’s Insurance Commissioner, Christopher F. Koller, the power to regulate contracts between insurance companies and health care providers. The ruling stems from events that unfolded in 2008 when Koller nullified a contract between Rhode Island’s Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance company and the Care New England hospital group. The contract would have brought major benefits to the medical group at the expense of consumers, Koller claimed. In response, Care New England filed a suit against the Insurance Commissioner to…

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Hopes of change with New York health insurance exchange in place

In accordance with the Affordable Care Act passed last year, the state of New York is seeking to create a new agency that will run a federally mandated health insurance exchange. The state has long sought to find a means of providing coverage to some 2.5 million of its uninsured residents. Despite years of effort, officials have never been able to bring that number down. Many New Yorkers are hoping that the coming exchange will alleviate some of the difficulty in obtaining comprehensive coverage at a reasonable price, but still…

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