Help is on its way for health insurance confusion at tax time

health insurance disclosure tax penalty

Private tax services and federal officials are already assisting consumers in filing before the April deadline. The confusion that is expected to result from the health insurance requirements that started last year is not going to leave taxpayers without a way to know that they have filed properly, as federal officials and private tax preparers have already begun offering assistance to consumers. This support is meant to make sure that questions will be answered ahead of the April deadline for tax filing. For approximately 75 percent of taxpayers across the…

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Obama administration announces delay to health insurance provision

U.S. Health Insurance

Health insurance provision for large businesses delayed A major development has emerged in the U.S. concerning the Affordable Care Act. The federal law has been a major source of controversy since its passage in 2010, but the law’s various provisions have yet to be dismantled by any challenger. Thus far, the Obama administration has been the only party capable of introducing any significant changes to the federal law, many of which have been funneled through the Department of Health and Human Services. This week, however, the Obama administration announced a…

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Health insurance research shows Americans remain uncertain as deadline approaches

Health Insurance policies

A new phone survey has indicated that the majority of adults in the U.S. are undecided about their future coverage. According to one of the latest studies conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International, the majority of Americans haven’t yet decided whether they will be purchasing health insurance in order to comply with the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate, or whether they would prefer to pay a penalty. The poll also indicated that in May, there remained a considerable amount of confusion about individual requirements. The team at Princeton Survey…

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