Health insurance overhaul stage has passed final step in Minnesota

Minnesota Health Insurance Trump Administration Lawsuit

A massive bill has just been passed in the Senate, which represents the completion of a vital phase. A major overhaul to the health insurance system in Minnesota has just passed the Senate, which will mean that in a few months, the over 300,000 residents of the state that are uninsured will be able to benefit from an online marketplace that is one of the central elements of the federal healthcare law. This is a vitally important legislative step toward the implementation of the online exchange. The Senate gave its…

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Health insurance fee may be added to reforms

Health insurance rates

The healthcare overhaul may include a new expense that could reach the wallets of consumers. The overhaul of the health insurance system may now involve a new $63 per person fee that is designed to help to pad the cost of providing coverage to individuals who have a pre-existing medical condition. This additional charge was worked into a recent regulation that was created for the system. According to employers, who are greatly displeased with the health insurance fee, it could lead to tens of millions of dollars for the biggest…

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Health insurance exchange in Wisconsin now faces a tight deadline

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker health insurance

States that have not yet decided how they will be complying with the healthcare reforms must act quickly. Wisconsin is among the states that have not yet decided whether or not it will be running its own health insurance exchange and how it will be applying the required elements of the Affordable Care Act, but the deadline is now looming. Governor Scott Walker has been delaying the final healthcare reform decisions for more than a year. The reason that Walker gave for his delays was one that has been common…

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Health insurance public hearings welcome citizens

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Vanderbilt University meetings in Tennessee give people the chance to contribute. Health insurance regulations due to the reforms to the medical care system have been receiving a tremendous amount of attention, but some vital provisions have failed to make it to the spotlight until now, and are finally starting to receive their due attention. The “essential health benefits” provision will be the topic of open meetings in Tennessee. Though the Affordable Care Act’s “guaranteed coverage” and “individual mandate” are being continually discussed, it is the provision designed to protect people…

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