New mandatory cashless health insurance requirement implemented in Punjab

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The government of the northern Indian state has now announced that this program is mandatory for its employees. The Punjab government has now announced that it is making its cashless health insurance program a mandatory form of coverage for all of its employees as well as for pensioners. The strategy is meant to help to make sure that coverage is protecting current and retired workers. According to a spokesperson from the Punjab government, it “has notified the cashless health insurance scheme which has been made mandatory for all the government…

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Health insurance program at University of Central Arkansas to change

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The board of trustees at the college has voted to alter the design in order to become a self-insured model. The board of trustees at the University of Central Arkansas has now put the school’s health insurance program in the spotlight as it will be changing the current design for employees to one that is based on a self-insured model. The changes that have been made to the coverage program will go into effect in January. When the insurance program changes were put to a vote, they were passed unanimously…

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Tennessee children’s health insurance program will be federally funded

Children’s Health Insurance Program kids

The state is about to save over $100 million over two years as the federal government picks up the tab. As the federal government takes over the majority of the bill for the children’s health care program in Tennessee, the state will now be able to save more than $100 million over a span of two years. The state has managed this by taking advantage of a provision of the Affordable Car Act that isn’t widely known. This windfall is certainly expected to be a helpful one, though temporary, as…

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Health insurance trust formed in Indiana

Indiana insurance industry

Access to federal exchange has been restricted Federal health insurance exchanges in the U.S. were meant to offer coverage options for small groups and businesses, but this feature of the exchange initiative has been put on hold until 2015, at the earliest. The decision to postpone this aspect of federal exchanges is meant to provide the exchange network with more time to iron out the multitude of technical problems it has been having over the past month. The problem, however, is that this means many small groups and businesses that…

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Reliance on public health insurance programs grows in California

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Californians turn to public health insurance programs to find the coverage they need The UCLA Center for Health Policy Research has released a new analysis concerning health insurance coverage in California. The analysis shows that the number of people receiving coverage through public programs, such as Medicaid, grew in the years leading up to the Affordable Care Act. Many businesses throughout the state that had been offering health insurance benefits to employees did not choose to cut benefits, but economic pressures did cause them to shed workers. Increasing unemployment rates…

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Health insurance woes continue to cause frustration in the US

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Health insurance exchanges attract controversy The controversy surrounding health insurance in the U.S. continues to grow as federal officials look to place blame for the technical difficulties that insurance exchanges have been experiencing throughout the country. Exchanges went live on October 1, but many were plagued with serious problems that prevented people from accessing exchange websites and applying for insurance coverage. These problems were not restricted to state-based exchanges, of course, as they also crippled the federal insurance gateway, Exchanges experience technical difficulties When exchanges began open enrollment earlier…

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Health insurance hearing held in Maine

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Residents have expressed concern about changes proposed to Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. Following concerns that have been expressed by residents of Maine regarding changes that have been proposed to Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance, a hearing was scheduled for this week to allow them the opportunity to speak and have their voices heard. On Monday, the hearing was held at the Cross State Office Building, located in Augusta. The health insurance hearing was held by the Bureau of Insurance. It took place in Augusta and was focused…

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