Nearly 60,000 Arizona residents will have to find new health insurance policies

Arizona Health Insurance

Arizona’s health insurance co-op will be shutting down this year Consumers in Arizona will have to find new health insurance policies following a decision made by state regulators to prohibit the sale of new policies through the Arizona health insurance co-op. Regulators have expressed fears that the co-op would fail. The co-op, called Meritus Health Partners, will be shutting down as a result of this decision, which means that some 59,000 people will lose their health insurance policies that were provided through the co-op. Consumers that received policies from Meritus…

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Pennsylvania consumers report surprise costs not covered by their health insurance

Pennsylvania health insurance exchange

Consumers are receiving unexpected bills from medical professionals that are not covered by their insurance policies Unexpected medical bills are proving to be a surprise to many consumers in Pennsylvania. Many consumers have reported surprise charges for their medical care, though they believed that their health insurance policies would cover these costs. The issue is placing some consumers under greater financial strain, as they were unprepared to cover the costs associated with medical care. The problem may be out-of-network care providers, which consumers are unaware of at the time that…

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High deductible health insurance policies are becoming more common among consumers

health insurance costs subsidies

Many consumers show favor for high deductible plans because of the money they can save on premiums More consumers are beginning to favor high deductible health insurance plans, especially as employers begin shifting insurance costs to workers. High deductible plans have proven interesting to consumers because they have lower monthly premiums. Cost has been an issue that has prevented many consumers from purchasing health insurance policies. With premiums on the rise, many people are looking for ways to keep their costs down, and high deductible policies may be the best…

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The majority of insurance companies aren’t transparency law compliant

Texas health Insurance companies

Texas has become unable to determine whether or not the plans are meeting the needs of consumers. Texas recently implemented a new regulation for health insurance companies that required them to have to submit reports to the state Department of Insurance in order to help to protect consumers against unfairly high medical bills, but many insurers have been ignoring this requirement, so far. At the same time, officials in the state haven’t done very much to help to improve compliance. Under the new regulations, insurance companies are supposed to be…

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Health insurance coverage is now protecting more Americans

Health Insurance coverage - uninsured drops

A new survey has shown that the number of uninsured people in the United States has dropped. This week, federal researchers have reported that in the first quarter of 2014, there was a substantial decline in the number of people in the United States who do not have health insurance. This represents the very first official federal measure of the number of uninsured people, this year. This represents the first time the federal government has measured the number of Americans without health insurance coverage since the individual mandate of the…

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