Health insurance penalty for failing to purchase coverage will remain

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Those opposed to the Affordable Care Act once again failed to pass the whittled-down version of the GOP legislation. The latest attempt by opponents of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to remove the health insurance penalty for not being adequately covered have failed yet again in passing legislation to repeal President Barack Obama’s health care law. On Friday, the Senate defeated the most recent version of the health care law’s repeal legislation. Among the main reasons cited by GOP lawmakers for trying to overturn the ACA is the penalty for…

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Affordable Care Act could bring financial trouble to 6 million

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Report suggests Affordable Care Act provisions may create some financial stress for consumers Analysts from the Congressional Budget Office have released a new report concerning the effects that the Affordable Care Act will have on U.S. citizens. The health care law has been the subject of controversy for the past two years due to provisions that some states consider to be unconstitutional. Though the health care law has been challenged and upheld, those opposing the law are still looking for alternatives, claiming that the law will bring with it profound…

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