California Insurance Commissioner Seeks to Stop CVS Merger with Aetna

California Insurance Commissioner want to stop merger - Stop Sign

The state’s stop insurance official has asked the Department of Justice to block the merger. California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones is urging the U.S. Justice Department to stop CVS Health from merging with Aetna. Such a merger would “have significant anti-competitive impacts on American consumers and health care and health insurance markets,” said Jones. The Californian regulator cannot stop the deal, but he can use his sway with the D.O.J. Even though the California Insurance Commissioner does not have the authority to stop a merger between the companies by way…

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Health insurance market in Ireland may be in trouble

Ireland Health Insurance

Health insurance market shows “death spiral” symptoms The health insurance industry in Ireland is showing some troubling symptoms. Ireland is one of the countries that suffered a powerful blow from the European financial crisis. The crisis causes severe economic damage to the country, which continues to have an impact on various industries therein. The health insurance industry is one of those that have been impacted and some insurers are beginning to claim that the market is showing symptoms that suggest it has entered into a death spiral. Death spiral may…

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Lowest health insurance competition found to be in Alabama

According to a recent report from the Kaiser Family Foundation, the least competitive market for health insurance in the United States is in Alabama. The Kaiser Family Foundation is a nonprofit health policy organization and released the report which showed that 86 percent of the policies in the individual market in Alabama were sold by Blue Cross Blue Shield. In the small group market in that state, that insurer sold 96 percent of the policies. Though the report did indicate that individual insurers hold the majority of the insurance markets…

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