Federal health insurance exchanges break previous enrollment records

President Obama health insurance

According to President Obama’s recent announcement, the marketplaces have seen 6 million applications. At the close of last week, President Obama announced that there had already been almost 6 million enrollments in the federal health exchanges in order to purchase coverage through health plans that would be effective in 2016. Officials from the Obama administration believe that this trend is a true indicator of the success of the Affordable Care Act. Analysts had expressed some worry over increased deductibles and premiums. They were concerned that this might present a barrier…

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The health insurance deadline for enrollment extended through MNsure

Minnesota Health Insurance Trump Administration Lawsuit

Consumers in Minnesota will now have until December 28 to purchase the coverage they need for next year. The health insurance deadline for purchasing coverage through MNsure and insurers in Minnesota has now been extended in order to allow consumers a longer open enrollment period in which to purchase plans that will become effective as of 2016. Shoppers who have waited until the last moment can now buy a policy as late as December 28. The announcement from both MNsure and the insurers for the health insurance deadline has meant…

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Tennessee health insurance enrollments have broken records

Tennessee Health Insurance

Many residents of the state are finding it easier and more convenient to enroll, regardless of their opinion of their plans. Residents of Tennessee have enrolled in the health insurance exchange in the state in record numbers, in order to comply with the requirements of the Affordable Care Act and in order to have done so by the first open enrollment deadline, which was on Tuesday. By December 5, there had already been 88,007 people in Tennessee who had signed up for health plans. Comparatively, by December 15, 2014 –…

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Idaho makes changes to its health insurance exchange

Idaho health insurance

State health insurance exchange has been improved to better serve consumers The Idaho health insurance exchange, called Your Health Idaho, is expected to be prepared for business on November 1, when the next open enrollment period begins. The state has been working to reprogram the infrastructure of the exchange, introducing various tweaks and new features that are expected to improve the exchange shopping experience. The exchange has been working to test the changes that have been made for several months in order to ensure that the insurance exchange will be…

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US may miss targets for health insurance exchange enrollment

Health Insurance Expense

Government projections may be too ambitious Last year, the Obama administration declared the Affordable Care Act a success, as it had expanded the availability of health insurance coverage to some 8 million people throughout the United States. These people were able to find coverage through insurance exchanges, through which several private companies offered policies. Consumers also had access to subsidies from the federal government, which have made health insurance more affordable for many people. The success of insurance exchanges lead federal officials to believe that many more people would sign…

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