Health insurance telemarketer may be forced to pay $82 million if FCC gets its way

robocall illegal health insurance telemarketer
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The Federal Communications Commission proposed the fine as a penalty for illegal nationwide robocalls. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposed an $82 million fine for illegal health insurance telemarketer actions involving robocalls across the country. The fine would be applied against a man from North Carolina and his insurance company, which were behind the robocalls. The FCC proposal accuses the man and insurance company of making over 21 million illegal robocalls. The health insurance telemarketer conducted the robocalls in an attempt to sell policies. The man the FCC accuses of…

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Arkansas hires ad firm to market its health insurance exchange

Health Insurance rates and care

Governing board hired ad firm to draw more attention to its insurance exchange The governing board of the Arkansas health insurance exchange, called the Arkansas Health Insurance Marketplace, has hired an advertising firm to draw more awareness to the marketplace. The firm, Cranford Johnson Robinson Woods, was contracted for approximately $5.8 million over the next two years. The contract will task the firm with designing a new website for the state’s exchange, which will be used in place of and will provide consumers with access to the exchange’s insurance…

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Health insurance marketing focuses on Generation Y females

health insurance marketing young woman

A massive ad campaign has just launched to try to encourage young women to enroll. A massive advertising effort has started, this week, to help to promote health insurance among the young women who have the greatest likelihood of enrolling for a plan and to encourage a broader range of sign ups. These women are also the most likely to encourage their male counterparts to purchase coverage. Males in Generation Y are seen as high risk takers and are more willing to forgo health insurance coverage. However, it is believed…

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Insurance marketing in full swing as celebrities back healthcare enrollment

Adam Levine health insurance marketing

Top names are helping in the promotion of the exchanges and signing up for coverage. Some of the most popular celebrities in the country, including the Sexiest Man Alive, have been enlisted in the insurance marketing strategy for boosting the interest and participation in enrollment in the healthcare reform law. Pop singer, Adam Levine, is one of the huge names that are helping to promote the online marketplaces. Levine, who received the designation of Sexiest Man Alive from People magazine in November, is only one of many celebrities taking part…

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Health insurance navigators are helping raise awareness of federal law

Health Insurance navigators

Navigators are not only focusing on health insurance in the US With health insurance exchanges going active throughout the U.S., the role that navigators play in these systems is beginning to attract more attention. Navigators are meant to help consumers find the best policies available through state-based insurance exchanges. These navigators have no affiliation with insurance companies and can only be hired through non-profit organizations. While navigators have been helping people find insurance policies that suit their needs, many of these navigators are reporting that they are acting more like…

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Health insurance campaign launched in Arizona

Arizona Health Insurance

Volunteers seek to raise awareness of health insurance in Arizona Arizona has launched a year-long campaign to promote coverage through its health insurance exchange over the weekend. The state is hoping to raise awareness of the exchange, which could offer affordable coverage to the state’s estimated 1 million people that do not have health insurance protection currently. Enroll America, a national non-profit organization that works with health care and social service agencies, is one of the parties participating in the campaign. Volunteers work to spread information Through Enroll America, volunteers…

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Maryland launches marketing campaign for health insurance exchange

Maryland Insurance

Campaign highlights services of state’s health insurance exchange Maryland has launched an aggressive marketing campaign to raise awareness of its health insurance exchange. The exchange will begin open enrollment in October of this year, but many residents remain unaware of the services they can find through the state-based marketplace. Moreover, many people in the state have expressed confusion concerning the other aspects of the federal Affordable Care Act and how it may impact their lives. Maryland officials believe that the new marketing campaign will help dispel this confusion and boost…

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