New Jersey governor signs health insurance legislation expanding coverage

Health insurance - Infertility Coverage - New Jersey

Governor Murphy signed A5235/S3627 to expand coverage to include infertility services. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy recently signed A5235/S3627 to expand requirements for health insurance coverage in the state to include infertility services. The legislation requires that many plans provide benefits relating to pregnancy healthcare services. The health insurance coverage requirements apply to certain private sector health insurance companies, including those under state regulation. They must now provide group plans with more than 50 people with pregnancy-related benefits. This also applies to plans in the School Employees’ Health Benefits Program…

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Colorado lawmakers look to increase oversight of state’s health insurance exchange

Colorado Health Insurance

New legislations aim to introduce more oversight on insurance exchange Colorado may be placing its health insurance exchange under more scrutiny. The state’s Senate had granted approval for two bills that are designed to increase oversight of the exchanged, called Connect For Health Colorado. The exchange has managed to attract a large number of enrollees, all of whom are looking for affordable health insurance coverage. The recent success of the exchange has been praised by lawmakers, but past failures have also called into question how the exchange is operated. First…

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State of Your Health Insurance While Traveling

Travel Health Insurance

You’re soon to be off on an exciting trip out of the country. Your plans are made, your flight is booked, your passport is current, and now all you can do is count down to the day of your flight. Before you pack your bags and board you plane, you should make sure that your insurance will cover any unforeseen medical expenses while traveling. Whether you are an American or an Australian citizen, health insurance agents from insurance companies like GMF Health in Australia can help you determine if you…

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How the New Health Insurance Laws of 2014 Will Affect Businesses

Small Group Health Insurance

Health care has always been a hot topic. Historically health insurance was too expensive for many smaller businesses and individuals to have. Unfortunately the failure to obtain that insurance could result in very high medical costs when hospital, doctor, or dental visits were required. The Affordable Health Care Act known by many as ObamaCare will come into full effect in January of next year. It is meant to reform health care as we know it. There will be many changes that businesses and employees should be aware of. Overall Health…

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Loophole could help health insurance companies avoid Affordable Care Act

Health Insurance book report law

Health insurance companies may find major benefit in loophole in federal law Health insurance companies throughout the U.S. have been working to find ways to avoid the costly implications associated with the federal Affordable Care Act. There are several provisions associated with the federal law that are expected to have a major impact on the cost of health insurance coverage, largely due to the fact that these provisions institute more regulations on insurers. Some health insurance companies seem to have found a possible way to avoid complying with the federal…

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