Four health insurance companies violated mental health coverage law

mental health insurance companies

The state of Oregon has accused four insurers in failing to cover certain treatments including one for autism. The state of Oregon is currently calculating potential fines for four health insurance companies that failed to comply with the law for covering certain mental health treatments, including one for autism. State law requires insurance companies to provide mental and physical coverage in a similar way. The regulation in Oregon states that health insurance companies “cannot categorically deny coverage,” for mental health care and therapies, such as for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA),…

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Will the Trump health care strategy terminate Obamacare?

Health care vote insurance Donald Trump

The president-elect has repeatedly said the repeal of the Affordable Care Act would be among his first acts. If the campaign promises are to be believed, the Trump health care strategy’s implementation will be one of the first steps taken once the president-elect is sworn in. Over the last few months, Donald Trump has stated that he would repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. As Americans shop for coverage on the 2017 insurance exchanges, many wonder what will happen next. During a debate in October, Trump said “Obamacare is…

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Will California pass a health insurance bill for undocumented immigrants?

teamwork undocumented immigrant california health care reform bill

The state recently introduced the measure to request permission from the federal government. California legislators are currently facing a controversial health insurance bill that would request permission from the federal government to allow the state to be able to sell coverage over its official exchange, Covered California, to people who are unable to prove that their residence in the country is a legal one. The Assembly Health Committee democrats already gave their approval to SB20 last Tuesday. The proposal of the health insurance bill was first put forward by Senator…

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Birth control insurance ruling will be laid down by the Supreme Court

Health Companies and Contraceptives birth control insurance

This will settle a broad scale dispute occurring between the Obama administration and religious non-profits. On Friday, the Supreme Court agreed that it would settle the ongoing birth control insurance dispute occurring between the Obama administration and certain religious non-profits. This will surely place religious freedom and reproductive rights in the presidential campaign spotlight. The justices gave the nod to hearing a challenge against the Affordable Care Act which will be made by seven non-profit organizations. Each of those different groups claim to have religious objections to the requirements of…

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Abortion insurance ban reversed by Texas House

abortion insurance bill Woman Using Her Mobile Phone

The House Calendars Committee sent a controversial bill prohibiting the coverage to the full chamber. On Sunday night, the Texas House Calendars Committee made the decision to reverse a controversial bill that banned abortion insurance coverage from being included in the health plans sold over the exchange. This stopped the marketplace for Affordable Care Act compliance from selling plans covering abortions. As a result of the decision of the committee, this abortion insurance bill will now be sent back to the full chamber for a vote. The reversal has to…

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