Individual mandate repeal causes health insurance gap in many states

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Several states are now scrambling to come up with a way to make coverage more affordable. After the individual mandate penalties were removed for failing to purchase coverage, a health insurance gap has formed in many states across the country. This has left some states struggling to make their health care affordable. As people drop their coverage health care in the states will become increasingly expensive. The only state in the country that required coverage after last year’s dismantling of the Affordable Care Act was Massachusetts. Increasingly unfavorable markets caused…

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Health insurance gap for Asian Americans is the White House’s latest target

asian american man health insurance gap

This will be a week of action to try to encourage this community to purchase medical coverage. There has been a notable health insurance gap in the enrollment of Asian Americans as well as those of Pacific Island descent, which has existed since open enrollment first began through the Affordable Care Act in 2013. The White House is hoping to use this week to speak to this ethnic community and provide coverage education. Since the beginning of the Affordable Care Act’s open enrollment period in 2013, the number of people…

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