Health insurance exchanges require massive planning by U.S. Officials

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They are currently preparing for this enormous task which is rapidly approaching. Officials from the Obama Administration are already preparing for the tremendous task of operating the new health insurance exchanges in approximately half of the states in the country. Those states are the ones where local officials are unable or unwilling to operate it themselves. The health insurance exchanges are the very heart of the health care reforms that were put into place by President Obama. Running them will be an enormous task that had not been expected by…

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Report shows interest increasing for individual and group health insurance exchanges

JD Power and Associates has released its 2012 U.S. Member Health Plan Study and it revealed that in the face of the impact of the reforms to healthcare, almost four in every ten members of an employee sponsored health plan have said that they would use a health insurance exchange to shop for their insurance coverage if the opportunity was available. This is now the sixth study of its kind, which measures the satisfaction among the members of 141 different health plans within 17 American regions by looking into seven…

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