Health insurance has made it into the holiday shopping season

health insurance industry

Recently released federal data has shown that there are a considerable number of people returning to the exchanges. Aside from enrolling new health insurance customers, one of the most important achievements that the exchanges need to accomplish are to encourage last year’s customers to return in order to purchase their coverage. This holiday shopping season, enrolling through the insurance exchanges is exactly what Americans have been doing. The federal government has recently released data that shows that consumers are returning this year after having used the health insurance exchanges last…

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Pennsylvania health insurance enrollments reach 81,000

Pennsylvania health insurance exchange

The government figures that were released this week show that there has been a sharp increase in sign ups. According to recent news data released by state officials, Pennsylvania health insurance enrollments have been climbing rapidly since the figures that were released at the end of November. At that time, the number of enrollments had been only 11,800 people within the state. This week, the government provided the latest figures, which show that more than 81,000 people have now signed up to receive Pennsylvania health insurance plans through the exchange.…

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New York health insurance exchange set to meet its goal

New York Health Insurance

Enrollments in the state are on track with where it had expected to be and what it hoped to achieve. So far, while the implementation of the most public facing element of the healthcare reforms has been rather rocky, things appear to be perfectly on track with the New York health insurance exchange, as it has seen over 100,000 people enrolling and feels that it is on track to be able to reach the goals that it has set. With only two weeks left in which residents are able to…

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