New report highlights the expensive nature of health insurance

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Many people in the US cannot afford the deductible on their health insurance policies The Kaiser Family Foundation has released a new report that shows that more consumers in the United States have health insurance, but fewer of these people are actually able to afford the deductible on their policies. The Affordable Care Act has helped make insurance coverage more accessible to consumers, but the law has not made deductibles for new policies affordable. Many consumers with mid-to-high range plans are unable to afford their deductibles because of a lack…

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Understanding health insurance limitations and rules

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Health insurance continues to be a problematic and confusing issue for many people. While some may be taking steps to understand their insurance policies to the best of their capabilities, they could still be exposed to problems that are difficult to recognize. Visiting a doctor, for instance, is something that many people do not give a second thought to because they often believe that their insurance policies will cover instance of medical care. This is, however, not the case. The simple act of visiting a doctor can turn into an…

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Health insurance providers must now offer information fact sheets

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This should provide vital comparison data that assists consumers in making the best choice. As consumers find it very challenging to sift through the vast array of different complex health insurance plans, with all of their different coverages, caps, rules, regulations, and exceptions a new law has now been put into effect, which requires insurers to issue fact sheets to make this process easier. This data is meant to help people covered through their employers as well as in the individual market. Last week, the Affordable Care Act added its…

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Using wellness benefits to their best advantage in 2012

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Many forms of health coverage, offer benefits for “wellness” and “preventive care”, which can help you to better take advantage of what is available to you in order to achieve greater health. Among the benefits of preventive coverage is that there are no co-payments, deductibles, or co-insurance payments that must be made by the policyholder, as is the case when the condition is already diagnosed and treatment must be covered. This type of benefit is seen in insurance plans either because they are required by state or federal regulations, or…

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Anthem Blue Cross faces lawsuit over size of deductibles for health insurance

Consumer Watchdog has filed a lawsuit against Anthem Blue Cross, claiming that the insurer is using “bait and switch” tactics to increase the out-of-pocket expenses and deductibles which must be paid by some of their consumers. This is the second time in a period of eight months that the largest for-profit insurance company in California has faced a lawsuit over claims that its contracts with customers had been breached by mid-year deductible increases. In this most recent case, Consumer Watchdog alleges that over 100,000 policyholders have experienced a misrepresentation of…

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