Health insurance controversy emerges in Oregon

Oregon Health Insurance technology

Oregon files lawsuit against Oracle concerning health insurance program The State of Oregon has filed a new lawsuit against Oracle concerning the state’s troubled health insurance program. According to the state, Oracle is currently planning to stop hosting Oregon’s Medicaid system, which could cause problems for people trying to enroll in the health insurance program. Oracle has been hosting the state’s Medicaid site, which serves as a way for state residents to sign up for the health insurance coverage that they need. Lawsuit aims to force Oracle to continue hosting…

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Canceled health insurance policies may be due to the interests of insurers

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Health insurance policies are being canceled throughout the US Controversy concerning the U.S. Affordable Care Act has reached new heights as several individual health insurance plans were canceled in late October and the beginning of November. Many individual policies throughout the U.S. have been canceled due to certain provisions of the Affordable Care Act. These provisions require insurance companies to provide coverage for 10 essential benefits, as outlined by the federal government. Policies that did not meet this standard were cancelled, but policyholders were also given an opportunity to purchase…

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Health insurance exchanges become subject of political attacks

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Health insurance exchanges are gaining more attention The Affordable Care Act has been a major point of contention in U.S. politics since 2010. The federal law seeks to make significant changes to health insurance and the country’s health care structure, with a strong focus on making health insurance coverage more available to consumers throughout the country. One of the primary provisions of the federal law tasks states with playing host to health insurance exchange programs. These exchanges are meant to serve as marketplaces where consumers can find the affordable coverage…

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Health insurance coverage decision in Washington blocks abortion coverage

Court rules mandatory health insurance is not fair

The State Senate has stopped a discussion on a plan that would make this coverage a requirement. The Washington state Senate – a coalition dominated by Republicans – has just stopped a discussion for a plan in the state to add a requirement for health insurance companies to provide coverage for abortion. The procedural motion was voted down after a heated exchange in the chamber. Some of the Democrats from the Washington Senate had moved to add a health insurance bill before a primary deadline. They said that they had…

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Arkansas teams with HHS to expand private health insurance exchanges

Arkansas Health Insurance

Health insurance continues to cause controversy in the US Health care reform continues to be a controversial topic throughout the U.S. Many states have chosen to oppose the federal Affordable Care Act, despite the law being upheld by the Supreme Court in 2012. While some states oppose the law as a whole, many others oppose only specific provisions of the law, which has lead some political leaders to take innovative action on the matter in order to ensure that the law is able to provide the benefits to consumers as…

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