Health Care Reform: The Real Issue

health insurance deadline enrollment

Everywhere someone is talking about Health Care Reform… politicians, consumer groups, and the media.  Big insurance carriers have become a target and are disparaged repeatedly for continuing to raise premiums.   While everyone focuses on health insurance reform, no one looks at what causes these sky high increases:  the rising cost of health care.  According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, by 2019 health care spending will near $4.4 trillion.  The California Health Care Foundation reported that health care spending is rising three times faster than inflation.  Additionally, Medicare spending is…

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The latest battle over Maine health insurance bill

As health care reform continues to be a hotly contested issue throughout the nation, Maine is embroiled in its own battle regarding the state’s health insurance regulations. Earlier this week, a bill was introduced that would seek to overhaul the current regulatory standard in the hopes of increasing competition in the state’s health insurance market, thereby driving down insurance rates. Introduced by Representative Jonathan McKane (R), the bill has received rigid opposition from Democrats who say that consumer protections are being put at risk.  The promise that the bill will…

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